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What is Hedge Betting?

Hedge Betting  Hedge betting is placing a wager on both sides of an event to ensure you make a profit. Hedge betting is a sports betting technique that a lot of bettors have been vaguely aware of. It will not signify they fully know the way exactly to make use of it that they understand and […]

Sports Betting Money Management Strategies

Sports Betting Money Management Strategies Money management, sometimes called bankroll management, is maybe not, strictly speaking, a betting strategy. It is the cornerstone of each betting plan. The Pot Your pot, or bankroll, could be the volume you are ready to spend on your betting technique over a fixed amount of time. Of the main […]

PGA Tour to offer on-site Sports Betting in 2020

Commissioner Jay Monahan said the move aims to attract new fans and to prolong interest over a tournament day. He said its integrity program and protecting the organization from betting-related corruption will remain priorities. This year the PGA Tour relaxed its stance on sponsorships with gambling entities, opening itself up to deals with larger casino […]

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