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Starting Pitcher Stats
The Starting Pitchers are the most important positions to evaluate. It is tough to make a sports betting prediction without understanding what the starting pitchers are going to do. When it comes to Pitching stats, you need to know their ERA, WHIP, Walk Ratio, Stolen Base Attempts, Wins/Losses, Ground Ball/Fly Ball ratios, Average number of Innings Pitched as well as how their last few outings have been in Recent Starts. The Bookie will show you how to find and use all of these baseball stats to make MLB picks.
Weather Information
Weather is not the most important factor however it does have some relevance when handicapping baseball. When handicapping a game you always want to be aware of the weather. Current Temperatures, Rain, Wind, Wind direction, Humidity, and the amount of sun all play a role in every MLB prediction. Learn how to check and use accurate weather data from each BallPark using a MLB Baseball weather analyzer. Make more profitable sports betting picks when you have all the live weather data.
Bullpen Availability
Understanding the overall team's bullpen is crucial when handicapping baseball. You need to know whose arms are fresh and are able to pitch on a specific game. Bullpens need to have a solid middle relief as well as a setup man and a closer. With the MLB playing a large amount of games, especially back to back games, creates a scenario where several pitchers are simply not able to throw back to back games. Knowing the strengths of the bullpens as well as who's available is very important in sports betting and turning a profit with MLB picks.
Team Trends
Trends can be an important part of your sports betting strategies but be sure you are only using quality trends. Baseball offers so many statistics measuring every aspect of the game that it's a wealth of information for sports bettors. Learn how to find and use these trends when you bet on baseball.

Head to Head Match-up Data
How each team has played each other in the past makes a difference especially in Division games. Comparing the head to head data of how teams historically have played each other can provide more insight to future head to head games. If you know where to find this data and know what to look for, then you have access to profitable sports betting information.
Home vs Away
Many teams over the course of the long season will develop trends which teams play better or worse when on or away from their home field. There are a lot of teams that the numbers will not vary however there are always several teams and players that have consistent numbers in specific ballparks. Knowing this information will help you make more profitable sports betting decisions.
Starting Lineups
It is important to know what players are in the starting lineup for the day's game. If you have key players resting you want to be aware of that information before you place your wagers. Checking on the starting lineups is one of the most important aspects of betting on MLB Baseball. If you don't know what players are set to play then you will not know what numbers to use when making your sports betting decisions. We can show you how to find the starting lineups as soon as they are released.
Batter vs Pitcher Lifetime Stats
Most professional players will have some periods of time when they are hot and when they are cold but one thing always remains and that is the lifetime stats of a particular batter versus a particular pitcher. You will find some pitchers that are struggling but have great success against specific players and teams. The same goes for hitters who may be in a slump but have had a lot of success hitting against a certain pitcher throughout their career. This information is valuable and we have the resources to provide these sports betting tips..
Sharp Money
Sharp money is also known as sports bettors who place large wagers which create line movements. Knowing where the sharp money is can often help you in making a decision on whether to bet a game or to stay away.
Public Percentages & Line Movements
When games are lopsided and everyone seems to be betting on the same team, you need to be aware. If one team is getting 90% of the action and the lines are not moving or if they are moving the wrong direction causing Reverse Line Movement, these are sports betting indicators you need to be aware of when determining sides.
Recent Games Data
Baseball is a streaky sport in which players and teams get hot and can potentially stay hot while teams and players that get cold tend to go through slumps. The good thing about having baseball data is knowing how players have performed in their recent games. You can find batters on hitting streaks, pitchers that are in the zone, bullpens that are falling apart, and teams that are just overall gelling and playing well together. Knowing what teams and players are doing well recently is one of the most important aspects of betting on baseball.
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