3 Great Offers

3 Great Offers

EMAILED ON March 15, 2023

With the NCAA Tournament going on, we wanted to share with you our Bracket Contest, a Textbet Discount, and a method to fatten your bankroll or your pockets quickly.  

1. The Bookie’s Bracket Contest – The top 5 brackets win something and there is no cost to join. It is held through ESPN, you can get more information here:

2. TextBet – Get Text Alerts for ONE BIG Bet each day! This is Our Best & Most Profitable System

At Checkout, Use Coupon Code Bookie50 and Get 50% OFF for a limited time.
The Coupon expires this Sunday. 

3. Coaching – Stack up your bankroll without any risk. Most people can get $10,000 or more. Learn more here: https://coach.thebookie.co

Feel free to reply back to this email if you have any questions.

Best of Luck with all of your action!

3 Great Offers
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